The CRM for fitness clubs.

ClubPlanner is a unique web-based solution to increase customer inflow, reduce outflow and increase average revenue per customer, thus improving your bottom line.

Stay in control of your club.

With detailled reports and a real-time dashboard you and your colleagues can be more effective and proactive. Check the health status of your club in one glance.

Turn potential customers into loyal members
This is what ClubPlanner offers.

Stay in control of your leads

Don’t lose any lead. Get rid of the pile of forms and notes at your front desk. Collect all call-ins, walk-ins and online leads in one digital to-do list. Directly follow up via a straightforward automatic workflow.


Give personal attention

Make the right choice which members need your attention. Based on actual visitor and frequency data. With automatically built-in ‘ safety nets’ you are reactivating inactive sporters and keeping your current members enthusiastic. Only in this way you can be personal and proactively in touch with your members.

Structure, focus, and calmness

Automate the contact moment as they suit your way of working. Send automatic messages to customer segmentations, such as a welcome email. Generate tasks at the right time, for example when someone is becoming inactive. Focus on the set targets by having real-time insights into the current status. Adjust quickly with detailed reports. Get more results in less time. Ensure a calm and focused workplace.


Extensive Support

You’re not on your own. The ClubPlanner Help function to help you along the way. Here you’ll find answers on many frequently asked questions from users. Next, our support colleagues are there to ensure ClubPlanner works for your club.